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Become a Benefactor!

  • Do you believe that the legal technology industry needs practical, effective and ethical standards, best practices and guidelines?
  • Do you believe that there should be a transparent, not-for-profit professional association dedicated to advancing the interests of the legal technology industry and governed by an elected board of directors?
  • Do you believe that the money and resources that you dedicate to helping to establish these standards and best practices should belong to the industry as a whole, rather than a few individuals and companies?

If so, then please support the Legal Technology Professionals Institute!  Email us today to sign up.

LTPI was founded with this simple mission:

“To establish, build, and maintain a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) industry trade association to represent all participants in the legal technology industry, including providers and consumers of technology products and services, and provide the industry as a whole with operational and ethical standards, best practices, guidelines, resources, forums, and public advocacy.”   

We Humbly Ask for your Financial Support

The funds we raise go primarily toward programs that turn legal theory into operational practices, with the remainder covering our modest administrative costs, including professional support staff.  The industry leaders who sit on the Board of Directors and Advisory Panel donate their time and effort for the benefit of the industry as a whole, and accept no financial compensation other than a modest discount on their annual dues.  As a Benefactor, you are assured that your generous contribution will go toward helping us advance our mission. 

Benefactors, Not Sponsors

We use the term “benefactor” rather than “sponsor” to differentiate that we are asking you for financial support to help us do the right thing for the industry, as a whole, not as a “quid pro quo” arrangement, where the quid is the sponsorship fee and the pro quo is serving up hot leads. Instead, LTPI has been established as an association where consumers and providers can come together as peers, where everyone pays the same membership dues, and where there is only one level of organizational support.  

Founded under the maxim that “a rising tide lifts all boats,” LTPI has made an intentional commitment to take a different route: to provide a safe environment where consumer and provider members can participate equally in improving the industry so that consumers don’t feel inundated by sales pitches and providers don’t feel they have to pay the way for consumers.   

What is the Cost to Become a Benefactor?

We ask for a modest contribution of $5,000 to become a Benefactor of LTPI.   There will be no gold, platinum or diamond levels for our Benefactors.  

What do Benefactors Receive in Return?

It is extremely difficult for us to not fall into the standard operating procedure of putting together a list of benefits that you get for becoming a Benefactor that doesn’t start to quickly smell like the “quid pro quo” we want to avoid.  As a token of our appreciation for your support, when you become a Benefactor, LTPI will:

  1. Acknowledge our gratitude by including your organization on a permanent part of our website, including your logo, a brief description of your organization, and a link to your website. 
  2. Credit your organization with three memberships available to your selected employees, and a 20% discount on additional memberships for your employees to encourage your organization’s active participation in our projects and programs.
  3. Provide you with a banner and logo for your website and marketing materials to show the community you are true industry leaders and support LTPI.


We plan to hold membership conferences and events, where we will offer “sponsorship” packages specifically intended for sales opportunities, such as booths in a “vendor hall”.   As a Benefactor, you will be entitled to discounts of up to 25% on “sponsorship” packages. 

Become a Benefactor Now!

Demonstrate your leadership by providing critical funding to LTPI as we move forward in defining the standards and practices that will guide the legal technology industry for the next generation.  Email us today to sign up!

Photo used under Creative Commons from John McSporran

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