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Resource: Discovery Data Governance Model (DDGM™)


The LTPI Discovery Data Governance Model (DDGM™) project evolved from a realization of the need to properly track data from the start of a matter all the way through case close out. The needs of both Information Governance and Cyber Security dictated we look at those topic requirements broadly. As our project team began gathering, outlining and grouping common best practices, we realized the larger need for a more formal Information Governance model focused specifically on discovery, cyber security and business metrics and how they intertwine. We recognized the work already performed by the IGRM (some of our LTPI team members worked on it as well), but we also realized the need to drill deeper into the dispute resolution process. This DDGM™ project is the result of that analysis and feeds into the overall Information Governance and data security frameworks.

Project Team

Executive Sponsor:  Quin Gregor and Babs Deacon

Project Manager:  Kevin Clark

Key Contributors:  Mikki Tomlinson, Seth Eichenholtz

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