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Projects: New Project Proposal

Instructions for Initiating a Project

General instructions:

Members of LTPI are able to submit new project proposals directly to the Program Committee. Two forms need to be completed, which will likely to be an iterative approval process.  The Programs Committee is a resources – please reach out to them with questions or ideas. 

  1. The first step in initiating a project is to complete the Project Proposal Form, and submit to the Programs Committee for approval.
  2. Gaining approval will likely be an iterative process. 
  3. Once approval is received, then complete the Project Charter Template and submit for approval
  4. This step will also be an iterative process to make sure scope, resourcing, timing, and deliverables are defined clearly enough to ensure success
  5. Programs Committee is a resource and should be used as a sounding board for ideas and resourcing suggestions.
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