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Resource: Audio Production - Model & Glossary


Published: January 23, 2016

The LTPI Audio Production Model is designed as an educational resource in connection with producing electronically stored audio information.  This is the first model of its kind for the legal industry and was produced in conjunction with some of the markets leading technology providers, without specific reference to their specialties. As such, it is vendor neutral (as are all LTPI products).

In addition to an overview of audio discovery core concepts, this document contains two models – one being a model for Discovery of Sounds Recordings and the other being the Model Request for Production, both freely available for your use. 

Please use this document in conjunction with its companion document “Audio Production Glossary”, which contains a comprehensive collections of terms you will need to understand.

Key Contributors

  • Project Manager: Quin Gregor
  • SME: Chris Paskach, Jeff Schlueter, Nigel Cannings, Nimisha Patel, Quin Gregor 
  • Key Contributors: Cynthia Johnson, Eric Mandel, Nilsa Moreno

Deliverable: Audio Production Glossary

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