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LTPI Resources are created by cross-industry Project Teams. The following resources have transitioned through peer-review and public comment and are now available.


Audio Production Model & Glossary

Published: January 23, 2016

The LTPI Audio Production Model is designed as an educational resource in connection with producing electronically stored audio information.  This is the first model of its kind for the legal industry and was produced in conjunction with some of the markets leading technology providers, without specific reference to their specialties. As such, it is vendor neutral (as are all LTPI products).

In addition to an overview of audio discovery core concepts, this document contains two models – one being a model for Discovery of Sounds Recordings and the other being the Model Request for Production, both freely available for your use. 

Please use this document in conjunction with its companion document “Audio Production Glossary”, which contains a comprehensive collections of terms you will need to understand.

Production Glossary

Published: October 13, 2015

The Legal Technology Professionals Institute Production Glossary is designed as an educational resource on terminology used in connection with producing electronically stored information.  While a number of useful industry-wide glossaries exist, we could not find one that specifically discussed document production, nor one that discussed not only the “what”, but also the “why”, so we created one.


Published: January 23, 2016

Advice from the trenches:

Collecting data is central to any form of investigation, and an integral part of the litigation/dispute process. Too often companies dispatch this task to junior staff who typically lack the awareness of the processes that should be followed, or worse still, directly to custodians. Either of those scenarios suffers the same issue a lack of appropriate knowledge of the necessary process to ensure defensibility, repeatability, and integrity of the data. Failure to follow these now-expected legal collection processes can lead to charges of spoliation, or worse, sanctions. The guidelines below are simple to follow. We at LTPI are aware of numerous commercial tools that can be leveraged and have instead opted for a simple low cost strategy that can be followed by any entity, large or small.

ESI Stipulations

Published: November 10, 2015

The Legal Technology Professionals Institute (LTPI) debuts its Standard ESI Stipulations to assist legal practitioners in addressing the preservation and production of electronically stored information required by legal and regulatory discovery processes.  The LTPI Standard ESI Stipulations are the product of a collaborative effort by LTPI members, drawing on years of senior level experience in discovery.  The LTPI Standard ESI Stipulations template is comprised of two downloadable documents. The first document is a Model E-Discovery Order (in Word format) and the second is Model Stipulated Production Specifications, which focuses on standard Metadata to be included in productions (in Excel format). This template was constructed after careful review by industry veterans of numerous examples taken from a wide variety of recent matters, and are consistent with LTPI’s recently released Production Glossary.

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